Team Decisions made Easy(ier)

A digital Pro Con list to help with your team's toughest decisions

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Have a big business decision coming up? Get your team involved with a Pro Con list to vet out all ideas.

You know how it goes. Ask everyone for their Pros and Cons on a certain decision. Either no speaks up or every one speaks up at once.

"Can you repeat what you just said?"

"Wait, did I get this correct?

This always happens during brainstorming in a group. Typically with one note taker using an excel file, or even worse, a piece of paper.

Instead of the back and forth between members, have the team members submit their own Pros and Cons which is available to the whole team.

Upvote the specific Pros and Cons to weight the most important factors.

Add comments when needed.

Save and schedule review dates on decisions that were made to measure results and assign responsibility.

Why? Because we make decisions and move on to the next without know if our decision making process is flawed.

We track everything. Why not track our business decisions?